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Wine Serving Temperature:
for Red & White Wines


Wine serving temperature guide

If serving wine at the right temperature were as simple as red wine at room temperature and white wine straight out of the fridge, this would be a very short article! While that can be a good rule of thumb, there are some white wines that benefit from being served a bit warmer and some reds that are traditionally served with a bit of a chill.

In general, the same factors are true for both reds and whites: colder temperatures will de-emphasize acidity or sweetness, while warmer temperatures will bring out more aroma and body - and when too warm, bitterness and alcohol. Wines that have a bit of sweetness or that lean towards crisper, tart styles will seem better balanced served nice and cold, while those that are full-bodied or more tannic will seem dulled if served too chilled.

The spectrum of proper serving temperatures runs between refrigerator temperature (45º) and room temperature (65º). Any colder, and you've made a slushie, and any warmer will just taste boozy and harsh. Since reds are naturally a bit more full-bodied and lower in acid than the tartest whites, the coldest we recommend for any red wine is cellar temperature (55º). Similarly for whites, we go no warmer than 60º.

Wine Serving Temperature Guide:

Varietal: Body: Acidity: Sweet: Tannin: Serve at:
Riesling Light Medium Dry/off-dry n/a 45º
Sauv. Blanc Light High Slightly n/a 45º
Pinot Grigio Light High Not n/a 45º
Chardonnay Full Low Not n/a 55-60º
Beaujolais Light High Slightly Low 50-55º
Pinot Noir Light Medium Not Low 55-60º
Merlot Medium Low Not Medium 60º
Syrah/Shiraz High Medium Not High 65º
Cab. Sauv. High Low Not High 65º

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