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Wine Regions and Varieties
Appellations and Grape Varieties Around the World

Our Wine Regions & Varieties section includes articles from our Wine Blog about different appellations and grape varietals from the around world - including Europe, North America, South America and more! 




Beaujolais Nouveau 2011
Overview of the Vintage + Select Wine Reviews

Go to:   Beaujolais Nouveau 2011

All about Beaujolais: from Beaujolais Nouveau to Beaujolais Villages and Cru Beaujolais

Winter Whites
Rich, Creamy White Wines for Cold Weather

Go to:   Winter White Wines

Winter White Wines

Red, White & Rosé
What Makes Red Wine Red and White Wine White

Go to:   Red White & Rosé Wines

Red White and Rose Wines

Uncommon Red Wines
Five Intriguing Varieties You'll Want to Know

Go to:   Uncommon Red Wines

Uncommon Red Wine Varieties

Uncommon White Wines
Five Intriguing Varieties You'll Want to Know

Go to:   Uncommon White Wines

Uncommon White Wine Varieties

Chilean Wines
Outstanding Value and Outstanding Wines

Go to:   Chilean Wines

Chilean Wines: Regions and Tasting Reviews

Beaujolais Nouveau 2009 Has Arrived!
Tasting Reviews and Pairing Tips

Go to:   Beaujolais  Nouveau 2009

All About Beaujolais Wine & Beaujolais Nouveau

All About Beaujolais Wine
More than Just Beaujolais Nouveau

Go to:  All About Beaujolais

All About Beaujolais Wine & Beaujolais Nouveau

All about Chardonnay Wines
Great Grape, Bad Rap

Go to: All About Chardonnay

All about Chardonnay Wine: Chardonnay reviews and tips

Spotlight: Lake County Sauvignon Blanc
An Upcoming California Wine Region Ripe with Value

Go to:  Lake County Sauvignon Blanc 

Lake County Sauvignon Blanc and wines

I Admit It - I'm a French Wine Snob!
Examining My Obsession with French Wines

Go to: French Wine Snob 

french wine snob, great french wines

What That "Sideways" Movie Got Wrong
Southern California's Syrahs Beat Their Pinots

Go to: Sideways Movie: Syrah vs. Pinot 

'sideways' wine movie, santa lucia highlands syrahs

Syrah or Shiraz?
A Rosé by Any Other Name Would Taste as Sweet

Go to: Syrah or Shiraz? 

syrah or shiraz, confusing wine names, fume or sauvignon blanc



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