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Wine Basics for Beginners

Wine Basics
The Fundamentals of Wine Pairing and Tasting

Our Wine Basics sections includes articles from our Wine Blog about the fundamentals of wine appreciation and wine pairing - from definitions of key terms such as terroir, to tips on serving temperature and aging.


Guide to Wine Bottle Sizes
little to large: what they're for and when to serve them

Go to:   Guide to Wine Bottle Sizes

Guide to Wine Bottle Sizes

2013 Wine Market Trends
Reports on Sales, Production & Wine Consumption

Go to:   2013 Wine Market Trends

2013 Wine Market Trends

New Year's Resolutions 2013
Our Easy Food & Wine Goals for the Year

Go to:   Resolutions 2013

Cheers! Happy New Year 2013

New Year's Resolutions 2012
Our Commitments to Eating and Drinking Better!

Go to:   Resolutions 2012

New Year's Resolutions 2012

About Dessert Wines
Late-Harvest Wines, Ice Wine and What is Botrytis

Go to:   Dessert Wines

Dessert Wines

Aging Wine in Oak
Why It's Done, What It Adds & Types of Barrels Used

Go to:   About Oak Aging

Aging Wine in Oak

Going 'Off' on Corked Wines
What Causes Corkiness & How to Detect It

Go to:   About Corked Wines

About corked wines

Food & Wine Resolutions -2010
Mastering Homemade Pasta & New Wine Regions

Go to:   Food Wine Resolutions - 2010

Food Wine New Year's Resolutions - 2010

Understanding Terroir
From a Definition to the Real Meaning

Go to:   Understanding Terroir

Understanding Terroir - Definition & What It Means for Wine Tasting

Wine Serving Temperature Guide
What's Right for Reds, Whites & Ros├ęs

Go to:   Wine Temperature Guide

Wine Serving Temperature Guide

Wine Chemistry 103:
What About Wine Aging?

Go to: Wine Aging Guide

Wine Aging Guide & the Chemistry of Wine Aging

Food & Wine New Year's Resolutions
Smoking a Turkey & Growing the Wine Collection

Go to: Food & Wine Resolutions 

new year's resolutions, new year's food wine resolutions

Wine Chemistry 102:
What It Means for Pairing

Go to: Wine Pairing Chemistry

food wine pairing chemistry, learning food wine pairing

Wine Chemistry 101:
The Components of Wine

Go to: Wine Chemistry Basics 

wine chemistry, introduction to wine tasting, learning wine tasting

How to Pick Wine:
Anxieties of the Food & Wine Newbie

Go to: How to Pick Wine 

how to pick wine, ordering from a wine list, ordering wine at a restaurant, choosing wine at a store

Is The Whole Wine Tasting Thing Fake?
Common Questions of New Wine Tasters

Go to: Is Wine Tasting Fake? 

is wine tasting fake, wine tasting is phony, faking wine knowledge



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