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White Wine Grapes

Our Guide to White Wine Grape Types features information and details for white wine grape varietals grown worldwide. We highlight the typical characteristics of each grape variety and also include wine reviews and food and wine pairing tips.

Guide to White Wine Grape Varieties & Types

Albariño Wine Grape

Albariño is a white wine from Spain that's a light and refreshing wine that's light in alcohol with zesty acidity. Albariño can by recognized by its characteristic fragrant aroma reminiscent of peaches and apricots.

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Albarino Wine Grape 


Chardonnay Wine Grape

This white wine variety is known for a full body and creamy or buttery texture, as well as pear and green apple flavors. Chardonnays are an excellent wine pairing for creamy sauces, soft cheeses, chicken and pork.

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Chenin Blanc Wine Grape

The best wines from Chenin Blanc come from Vouvray in the Loire Valley of France, but this grape can struggle when grown outside of its home region. One of the few other countries that does this wine well is South Africa.

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Chenin Blanc Wine Grape


Pinot Blanc Wine Grape

This is one of the lightest bodied white wines, with a subtle, sophisticated style. Best for dishes with delicate flavor as well as fresh cheeses.

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White Wine Recipes & Pairings - for Pinot Blanc


Riesling Wine Grape

Frequently mistaken for a wine that is always sweet, there are many Rieslings that are made in a dry style. Both are very wine-friendly, but for different dishes. We like the off-dry versions with spicy foods.

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White Wine Recipes & Pairings - for Riesling


Sauvignon Blanc Wine Grape

Sauvignon Blanc is popular for its crisp, zesty acidity and refreshing, light body with grapefruit, citrus and gooseberry flavors. Ideal pairings with food include lemony sauces, vegetable dishes or chicken.

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White Wine Recipes & Pairings - for Sauvignon Blanc


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