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Scary & Unusual Wine Pairings for Halloween


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The spirit of Halloween is about celebrating the spooky, the creepy, the scary ... an appropriate time to honor the strange and unusual of food and wine. These oddities can invoke as much fright as the spooks and ghouls that arrive at our doorsteps for Tricks and Treats. Sweetbreads? Head cheese!? What the heck is Crljenak Ka┼ítelanski?!? Eek!!!

As someone who was terrified of many foods growing up (I famously had a meltdown at a restaurant at 8 because my calamari came with tentacles), I can understand the unease of approaching a new food or taste. And sometimes when you work up the courage to try something it still ends up being every bit as gross to you as it was in your imagination. Othertimes, you find something that's amazing and expands your taste horizons. Things that I never thought I would eat that I now LOVE include snail, pigeon, and octopus. Yum!

There is a similar phenomenon with wine although it is often less a 'fear' than a prejudice. You don't want to try Riesling because you're sure it's saccharine sweet. You associate a wine region with an outdated stereotype - like avoiding Greek wine because you hated retsina. Most commonly, if it's not a grape variety or region you recognize - forget it!

So in honor of looking our 'fears' in the face for Halloween, here are some spooky food and wine pairings to try.

Pan-fried sweetbreads & Gruner Veltliner
Escargots bourguignonnes & a dry Riesling (yes, they exist!)
Boudin noir & Agiorgitiko

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