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Soup Recipes & Wine Pairings

Our Soup recipe collection includes a variety of recipes for both soups as well as chili. These recipes offer choices both for weekday dining as well as for entertaining, and also options when dining for two or when serving a crowd.

 Soup Recipes & Wine Pairings

Italian Wedding Soup
with chicken meatballs & escarole

Italian Wedding Soup is a comforting, cozy dish. We use ground chicken for the meatballs, yielding a lighter, healthier style.

Go to:  Italian Wedding Soup Recipe


Italian Wedding Soup Recipe


Potato Bacon Soup
with cheddar and leeks

Creamy potato bacon soup is a wonderful dish for Winter. In this version, leeks add a subtle flavor and cheddar cheese a touch of tang.

Go to:  Potato Bacon Soup Recipe


Potato Bacon Soup Recipe


Potato Leek Soup
with cheddar cheese (vegetarian version)

The vegetarian version of our potato leek soup foregoes the bacon and uses vegetable rather than chicken stock as the base.

Go to:  Potato Leek Soup Recipe


Potato Leek Soup Recipe


Smoked Turkey Chili

If you have some extra lead time, making the smoked turkey from scratch is both delicious and surprisingly simple.

Go to:  Smoked Turkey Chili Recipe

Smoked Turkey Chili Recipe


Soupe au Pistou
vegetable soup with french pesto

French pistou (like Italian pesto but without the pine nuts) serves as a flavorful garnish for a fresh summer vegetable soup.

Go to:  Soupe au Pistou Recipe

Soupe au Pistou



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