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Shellfish Recipes & Wine Pairings

Our easy gourmet Shellfish Recipes each include two wine pairings, an affordable 'Steal' and a pricier 'Splurge'. Whether you want a recipe for two or for entertaining, for the grill, to bake in the oven or cook on the stovetop - our Shellfish Recipe collection features a variety of food and wine pairing choices.

Shellfish Recipes & Wine Pairings

Clams Casino
quahog clam 'stuffies'

If you can find Quahogs - the Rhode Island 'clam on steroids' - they are a dramatic base for this appetizer, or you can use littlenecks.

Go to:  Clams Casino Recipe

Clams Casino Quahog 'Stuffies' Recipe and Wine Pairing


Crab Cakes
with fresh herbs & spicy aioli

In this recipe, the flavor of the crab is enhanced with a selection of fresh herbs and a spicy aioli that adds a bit of creaminess and tang.

Go to:   Crab Cakes Recipe

Crab Cakes with Aioli Recipe and Wine Pairing


Lobster Macaroni & Cheese

While combining traditionally 'gourmet' lobster with 'homey' mac & cheese may seem like a culture clash, try it. You will be converted!

Go to:   Lobster Mac & Cheese Recipe

Lobster Macaroni & Cheese Recipe and Wine Pairing


Lobster Tacos
with Fresh Corn & Cilantro Cream Sauce

This recipe offers a playful take on lobster, a traditionally 'upscale' ingredient, and is both easy to make and simply delicious.

Go to:   Lobster Tacos Recipe

Lobster Taco Recipe


Red Shrimp Curry

A combination of red curry paste, honey, and coconut milk makes a flavorful sauce that doesn't overpower the delicacy of shrimp.

Go to:   Red Shrimp Curry Recipe

Red Shrimp Curry Recipe


Shrimp & Swiss Chard
with goat cheese-stuffed baked polenta

Layers of flavor make this dish delicious and satisfying: tender shrimp, savory swiss chard, and tangy/toasty goat cheese-stuffed polenta.

Go to:  Shrimp & Swiss Chard Recipe

Shrimp & Swiss Chard with Polenta


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