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Fine Dining Reviews from D.C., Dallas & Boston


Brasserie Jo Profiteroles

The BEST of recent restaurants we've eaten at around the country: each of these three dining establishments features fine cuisine in a fun yet elegant atmosphere.

Brasserie Jo, Boston, MA - 4 out of 5

Location: Boston's Back Bay, behind the Prudential Center.
Ambiance: Bright, with floor-to-ceiling windows for great people watching. Very French 'brasserie' interior.
Food: Classic French, homey dishes like steak frites, tarte flambĂ©e and duck confit. Dishes aren't overly fussy, but are well-prepared and very authentic. Everything is generously portioned - including the fabulous dessert menu. We highly recommend the profiteroles and housemade chocolate sauce!
Service: Nice, friendly.
Prices: Moderate ($19 - 35 for dinner entrees).

Bistrot du Coin, Washington DC - 4 out of 5

Location: Central location very close to Dupont Circle.
Ambiance: Inviting and bustling (but noisy), with a very French interior.
Food: Delicious, rustic, and very French. The wide array of steamed mussel appetizers are excellently executed. For main dishes, the cassoulet white bean stew and casserole de lapin are tasty standouts.
Service: Not exceptionally friendly, but they get the job done.
Price: Moderate ($16 - 27 for dinner entrees).

Woodfire Kirby's, Dallas TX - 3 out of 5

Location: Near the University Park neighborhood.
Ambiance: Almost a Texas "Rat Pack" kind of feel, with oversized booths that prove that everything really IS bigger in Texas.
Food: The menu has a bit of a split personality with older classic fare from a prior menu version intermingled with newer, more modern dishes. The namesake woodfire grill imparts smoky, wood flavor to tasty fare such as the Surf & Turf skewers (shrimp + filet mignon) with chimichurri sauce.
Service: Fine, no complaints.
Price: Moderate ($16-35 per entree).

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