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Cheers! Happy New Year 2013

With the New Year upon us, this is the time that many people set up a resolution to work toward over the course of the year. Oftentimes, these resolve around food - or rather abstaining from certain foods or keeping a strict diet - at Easy Food & Wine, we'd like to suggest a more fun type of food and wine resolution! Here are ours for 2013:

Mike's New Year's Resolution: Master the Art of Making Sauces
Nothing completes a great dish like a fabulous sauce. A concentrated liquid packed with flavor, a well-made sauce can add succulence and complexity to dishes both rustic and refined. But making a great sauce requires a fair amount of proper technique, and access to an expansive mental repertoire of different types. From the classic French "mother sauces", to the perfect pan sauce, to the many variations around the world, there's just a lot to learn. And, of course, we'll be more than happy to share the great recipes we build with our new sauce knowledge!

Amy's New Year Resolution: The People Behind Great Wines
We love great wine for the enjoyment, the flavor, and the convivial atmosphere it brings when shared with good company. But behind that is also the culture of wine - a rich history and tradition, as well as interesting personalities and innovation happening today. Our wine resolution of the year is to learn and share more about these people and stories behind the world's great wines, looking back over history to the current. From Old World to New World, great wine families to 'rogue' inventors, salesmen, and entrepeneurs, check back at the Wine Blog for more throughout the year! 
At this time of the year when many people focus on revising things about their habits that they view as 'bad', don't forget to make resolutions to enjoy the 'good' things in life as well - such as food and wine!

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