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2012 Resolutions

With the New Year upon us, this is the time that many people set up a resolution to work toward over the course of the year. Oftentimes, these resolve around food - or rather abstaining from certain foods or keeping a strict diet - at Easy Food & Wine, we'd like to suggest a more fun type of food and wine resolution! Here are ours for 2012:

Mike's New Year's Resolution: School Up On Baking
Unlike cooking, baking's a pretty precise skill. You've got to have a higher level of technique and follow all the measurements and recipes a lot more closely, unlike cooking where you can do more to taste or by instinct. While baking's often associated with desserts, there's lots of great applications for baking on the main course side of things. We plan on trying our hand at some savory souffles, pie crusts and doughs - keep an eye out for these trends in our recipes this year!

Amy's New Year Resolution: Just Taste Lots of Wines
Tasting regularly keeps the palate sharp and helps us find the gems in the market to share with our readers. We make an effort to try a lot of wines, and are just going to make an even bigger point about this over the course of this year. (Gosh, this is a great resolution!) Attending wine tastings, trying wines at our local shops, and visiting wineries will all be on the agenda throughout 2012. We even have a few Wine Country trips already planned - Napa/Sonoma in February and it looks like France's Southern Rhone over the summer. Look for all our reviews and tips on wines to buy in the Wine Blog! 
At this time of the year when many people focus on revising things about their habits that they view as 'bad', don't forget to make resolutions to enjoy the 'good' things in life as well - such as food and wine!

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