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Red Wine Recipes & Pairings

Our Red Wine Recipe collection features easy gourmet recipes specifically designed to pair well with red wines of all different types of varietals and regions.

Red Wine Recipes & Pairings

Beaujolais Wine Recipes

Made from the Gamay grape, France's Beaujolais region in Burgundy is the master of this varietal. Lighter-bodied with tangy, almost pleasantly sour acidity, this is good with lighter tomato-infused dishes or pork.

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Red Wine Recipes & Pairings - for Beaujolais & Gamay

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Recipes

For many, Cabernet is the undisputed 'king' of red wines, boasting the kind of powerful structure that often needs a bit of aging. Aged cheeses and marbled meats like steak help soften its tannins.

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Red Wine Recipes & Pairings - for Cabernet Sauvignon & Bordeaux

Carignan Wine Recipes

The most widely planted grape in France until recently, this grape can produce excellent value wines. Hearty and ripe, Carignan-based wines are excellent with beef, lamb and game, or dishes with flavorful sauces.

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Red Wine Recipes & Pairings - for Cabernet Sauvignon & Bordeaux

Pinot Noir Wine Recipes

Suave and seductive, pinot noir is a majestic red wine that wins you over with its grace and complexity rather than sheer power. Delicious with venison, or slow-stewed chicken or beef.

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Red Wine Recipes & Pairings - for Pinot Noir & Burgundy

Syrah Wine Recipes

The best Syrahs balance sophistication with a fun, forward fruit quality that makes it hard not to love. Excellent paired with more flavorful, even tangy sauces and richer meats. 

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Red Wine Recipes & Pairings - for Syrah & Rhone Wines

Tempranillo Wine Recipes

The grape that the Rioja region of Spain is famous for, Tempranillo is a full-bodied but elegant red wine that is best paired with similarly sophisticated, rich dishes.

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Tempranillo Wine Recipes

Zinfandel Wine Recipes

Zinfandel is most commonly grown in California in a style that is big and ripe, often with impressive alcohol levels. Typically spicy flavors marry well with similarly spicy, bold dishes.

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Red Wine Recipes & Pairings - for Zinfandel



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