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Red Wine Grape Types

Our Guide to Red Wine Grape Types features information and details for red wine grape varietals grown worldwide. We highlight the typical characteristics of each grape variety and also include wine reviews and food and wine pairing tips.

Red Wines by Grape Type

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Grape

For many, Cabernet is the undisputed 'king' of red wines, boasting the kind of powerful structure that often needs a bit of aging. The primary grape in France's Bordeaux region and is also popular worldwide.

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Red Wine Recipes & Pairings - for Cabernet Sauvignon & Bordeaux


Gamay Wine Grape

The grape used for France's Beaujolias wine from Burgundy, this varietal produces lighter-bodied characteristics with tangy, almost pleasantly sour acidity.

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Red Wine Recipes & Pairings - for Beaujolais & Gamay


Merlot Wine Grape

Merlot's popularity stems from its softer, easier-drinking nature relative to its big brother, Cabernet Sauvignon. Yet when poorly made, this can easily take the wine into insipid territory, leading some to shun it.

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Merlot Wine Grape


Pinot Noir Wine Grape

Suave and seductive, Pinot Noir wins you over with grace and complexity rather than sheer power. This grape is the basis for red Burgundy, as well as excellent wines from other select regions.

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Red Wine Recipes & Pairings - for Pinot Noir & Burgundy


Syrah Wine Grape

The best Syrahs balance sophistication with a fun, forward fruit quality. Syrah hails from the Rhone region of Southern France and is also grown under the Shiraz name in Australia

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Red Wine Recipes & Pairings - for Syrah & Rhone Wines


Tempranillo Wine Grape

The grape that the Rioja region of Spain is famous for, Tempranillo is a full-bodied but elegant red wine that is not commonly grown in other countries.

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Tempranillo Wine Recipes


Zinfandel Wine Grape

Zinfandel is most commonly grown in California in a style that is big and ripe, often with impressive alcohol levels. Zinfandel originated in Croatia, and is also grown in Italy where it is known as Primitivo.

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Red Wine Recipes & Pairings - for Zinfandel



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