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Reviews from Recent Casual Dining Restaurant Visits


Robinsons Wharf Clam Chowder

The BEST of recent restaurants we've eaten at around the country: each of these three dining establishments features casual eating that's just downright tasty.

Hill's Top BBQ, North Conway, NH - 3 out of 5

Location: Just north of downtown past the outlets, on the way to Story Land.
Ambiance: Looks almost like a dive from the front, like a good BBQ joint should!
Food: The 'smoky' BBQ sauce and homemade baked beans are standouts, but the star dish is fried duck wings with sweet and sour sauce: it's all about the crispy skin!
Service: Nice, friendly.
Prices: Affordable ($33 for a 4-person meal).

Richardson's Wharf, Southport Island, ME - 3.5 out of 5

Location: Great view of the wharf, close to Boothbay Harbor, ME.
Ambiance: Homey, warm. Great big deck for the Summer.
Food: We consider ourselves 'connoisseurs' of clam chowder, being from New England but this was a particularly fine example. Homemade with a velvety creaminess and generous amount of clams. Local Glidden Point oysters are crazy fresh! 
Service: Servers were personable but our food sat for a while in the kitchen waiting to be brought out.
Price: Moderate ($18 - 25 for dinner entrees).

Old Town Mexico Cafe, San Diego, CA - 4 out of 5

Location: As the name suggests, in the heart of Old Town.
Ambiance: This place is ALWAYS jumping. Little old ladies making handmade tortillas in the front windows.
Food: You have not had Mexican food until you've had it like this. Accept that it's not good for you (lots of lard, big portions) but it's AMAZING. Fresh tortillas taste so much fluffier and better than the storebought ones. Literally, everything is good.
Service: Fine, no complaints.
Price: Moderate ($10-15 per entree).

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