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How to Pick Wine

Anxieties of the Food & Wine Newbie

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When you go to buy or order a bottle of wine, do you experience sweaty palms? Discomfort? Embarassment? You may be suffering from the anxieties of the food & wine newbie. If you are a sufferer of this entirely all-to-common condition, rest assured there is a cure for what ails you.

The beauty of wine - versus, let's say, organic chemistry - is that you really don't need to know ANYTHING about wine to enjoy and appreciate it. It's delicious, something mankind has enjoyed for centuries and even millennia, and early civilizations did not have a wine or vintage guide, so neither do you.

Tip #1: Embrace your choices. If you ever go to a store or restaurant that makes you feel bad about your wine knowledge - stop going there! There are plenty of retailers and dining establishments that are very friendly and would love your business.

Tip #2: When in doubt, ask. Your waiter will be happy to tell you about a wine he or she tried recently that they think you'll enjoy, and same for your wine store attendant. Tell them about other wines you like, and they can recommend something in a similar style.

Tip #3: You've got to start somewhere. If you feel at an absolute loss, buy based on whatever you are comfortable with. Whether because it has a neat label, or it's a brand you've heard of - starting somewhere will help you build up a base of knowledge.

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