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High-End Boxed Wines & Other Wine Oxymorons


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One of the debates I have frequently with my wine-drinking friends is about packaging. Many wine drinkers focus heavily on the container and closure a wine comes in, almost to the point of excluding its actual taste. Now, it's clear where this perception (or misperception) comes from. For years, cheap bulk wines were put in less expensive containers and pricey glass bottles and cork were reserved for better wines.

Today, this distinction is plenty blurry. Imagine this taste-off: a $2  Charles Shaw wine in a glass bottle with a  cork, versus a 3 Liter boxed wine from "Black Box" for $22 (equivalent to $5.50 per standard bottle). With the Charles Shaw, most of the $2 price just covers that expensive packaging, while Black Box uses high-quality grapes from regions such as Napa Valley and Paso Robles and can sell it to you at a great price because the packaging is, well ... cheap.

Consider also that many people don't finish a bottle of wine in one night. I've tried every special closure under the sun (moving it to a smaller container and refrigerating it is the most effective) but nothing really preserves it completely because you've let in air. With a boxed wine, the bag inside deflates as you use the wine and stays airtight, letting you keep the wine fresh over a day to a week.
Here's a few better-quality wines that come in untraditional packaging to try:

Black Box (3 Liter boxes)
Three Thieves (1 Liter jugs and Tetrapaks)
DTour (3 Liter 'tube' boxes)

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