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New Year's Resolutions


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With the New Year upon us, this is the time that many people set up a resolution to work toward over the course of the year. Oftentimes, these resolve around food - or rather abstaining from certain foods or keeping a strict diet - at Easy Food & Wine, we'd like to suggest a more fun type of food and wine resolution! Here are ours for 2009:

Mike's New Year's Resolution: Smoke a Turkey
This is something Mike's been saying he wants to do for more than seven years. To Mike's Uncle Jim - thank you for your inspirational smoked turkey in Michigan back in 2001. It was delicious, and with our own Weber, we have the tools to do this - and just need to finally motivate! To all our readers, remember, your Weber is your friend and can do so much more than simple grilling.

Amy's New Year Resolution: Grow the Wine Collection
When we moved back to Massachusetts from California in 2006, we brought case upon case of wine back with us. Since then, our rate of drinking the wine collection has definitely outweighed our rate or replacement. We have immensely enjoyed the wines we've taken the time to age over the years before drinking, and we need to replenish our supply of aging-worthy wines to make sure the collection lasts for years to come. We added on a half-case of aging wines in December, and I have resolved to pick up more in 2009!

At this time of the year when many people focus on revising things about their habits that they view as 'bad', don't forget to make resolutions to enjoy the 'good' things in life as well - such as food and wine!

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