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Food & Wine New Year's Resolutions - 2010

With the New Year upon us, this is the time that many people set up a resolution to work toward over the course of the year. Oftentimes, these resolve around food - or rather abstaining from certain foods or keeping a strict diet - at Easy Food & Wine, we'd like to suggest a more fun type of food and wine resolution! Here are ours for 2010:

Mike's New Year's Resolution: Make Homemade Pasta
Pasta is a staple in our house, but yet we've never learned how to make it from scratch. The dough has just a few simple ingredients as a base, but there's so many variations and shapes that it really provides the chef tons of room to customize - in addition of course to the many options for sauces and toppings. Look out for some exciting fresh pasta recipes this year!

Amy's New Year Resolution: Get to Know New Wine Regions!
As I wrote about in my blog article "I'm a French Wine Snob" we have been guilty of a bit of favoritism for French wines. While we will always love French wines, as we also do for California wines, we're going to spend some more time getting to know some of the wine regions we know less well: Italy, South America, Australia/New Zealand, and perhaps a few more we don't even know about yet.

At this time of the year when many people focus on revising things about their habits that they view as 'bad', don't forget to make resolutions to enjoy the 'good' things in life as well - such as food and wine!

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