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Order Duckling at La Tour d'Argent & Other Tips


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I recently had the opportunity to dine at La Tour d'Argent in Paris during a trip with a friend. We had a fabulous time and a great meal, but frankly, I have a few pointers for them. Sure, they've been around for more than six centuries and have received umpteen awards and served presidents and dignitaries, but there's a few things I'd like them to know:
1) Force everyone to order duckling
How did I go to La Tour d'Argent and forget that this is the one big thing they're known for? They may try to blame this on me but when my dining partner didn't want to share a duckling dish (it must be ordered for 2) and we ordered scallops and veal instead, WHY did they not remind us?!? After we ordered, suddenly I saw that ducks were everywhere - in the carpet pattern, the tablecloths, the table decorations, the paintings - and too late, I realized what I'd done. Granted, what we had was delicious, but I will forever assume the duckling would have been so much better.

2) Hello - wines by the glass?
Their wine list is really more like a wine encyclopedia. It came in a giant binder that was so heavy I think I could have done bicep curls with it. However, when I told the sommelier that I was just  looking for one glass - I was the only at my table having wine - he advised me that there was only one offered. A Bourgogne Aligote. A second-rate white Burgundy not even made from Chardonnay. Quel horreur.

3) Force everyone to have the cheese course
Unlike the duckling, I actually did have the cheese course and as I repeatedly told my dining companion (and granted, I'd only had one glass of mediocre wine so this was no alcohol-fueled exaggeration), the cheese course was life-changing. Amazing. Don't let anyone leave without having it.

So La Tour d'Argent - I hope you'll take my pointers to heart. And should you be so generous as to fly me out to Paris to finally try your famous duckling, please know that I would accept that offer.

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