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How We Design & Choose Recipes for the Website


Creating Recipes for EasyFoodandWine

If you follow EasyFoodandWine on Twitter (and if you don't - then hey! follow us on Twitter), you get a running glimpse at our process for designing new recipes. Getting a new dish onto the site involves a lot of experimentation and trial and error - and not every recipe that we try out makes it. So what does it take? Here is a look at Tweets about three recipes we've started developing in the past few weeks:

Gnocchi with Veal & Sundried Tomatoes

Nov 5th
Mike + Amy
Gnocchi to be ... Saturday night dinner #cooking
Gnocchi Twitter 

For a first attempt at gnocchi, this came out awesome! The texture was light, not heavy or gluey, but there were a few chunks of solid potato that we need to figure out how to get rid of for the next batch. The sauce we made had a good combination of tastes with sundried tomatoes cooked down in sherry, but the cubed veal had just a bit of chewiness left to it. Maybe a slightly different cooking technique would be better ... this one is definitely worth a second try - look for this recipe soon!

Swedish Meatballs

Nov 6th
Mike + Amy
Trying Swedish meatballs for the game, will tweet it's success
Swedish Meatballs Twitter 

It's hard to go wrong with throwback comfort food and football, so we decided to try our hand at Swedish Meatballs just this past weekend for the game. We love Italian meatballs but had never tried them in this style before. The recipe needed a bit of tweaking - the meat blend we used was a bit too fatty and the sauce didn't thicken quite right - but the dish had good flavor and a lot of promise. Definitely trying this again with a few updates, so keep an eye out for the final version -

Jalapeno Fritters

Oct 30th
Mike + Amy
Jalapeno fritter experiment. Taking to friends 2nite - will share recipe if they are good! #cooking
Jalapeno Fritters - Twitter

Jalapeno fritters were a last-minute appetizer attempt when we were heading to friends for Halloween. They were a hit - although a little spicier than we intended - but ultimately we thought maybe not right for the site since they were just so simple. If you want to make them, mix a jar of sliced pickled jalapenos (drained) with a cup of cream cheese; spoon 1 tbsp portions of mixture and roll into balls. Roll in seasoned bread crumbs, then egg wash, then back in bread crumbs and fry until golden. Serve immediately!

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