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Chicken Recipes & Wine Pairings

Our easy gourmet Chicken Recipes each include two wine pairings, an affordable 'Steal' and a pricier 'Splurge'. Whether you want a recipe for chicken breasts, cutlets or another cut, a recipe for two or for entertaining, for the grill or to bake in the oven - our Chicken Recipe collection features a variety of food and wine pairing choices.

Chicken Recipes and Wine Pairings

Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls

In honor of SuperBowl Sunday this weekend, we've created an appetizer that's sure to please a rowdy crowd of football fans.

Go to:  Buffalo Chicken Eggroll Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Eggroll Recipe


Chicken Cacciatore
"Hunter-Style" Chicken with Tomato + Peppers

A classic Italian dish, chicken thighs are braised in a flavorful "Hunter-Style" sauce of tomato, peppers and mushrooms.

Go to:  Chicken Cacciatore Recipe

Chicken Cacciatore Recipe


Chicken Cutlets
with green spanish olives & caper berries

A bright, lemony sauce showcases the briny, complex flavors of green olives and caper berries.

Go to:  Chicken Green Olives Recipe

Chicken Cutlets with Green Olives & Caper Berries


Chicken Saltimbocca
with creamy prosciutto & sage sauce

This dish is a spin on a classic Saltimbocca recipe - using the prosciutto and sage to build a delicious, creamy sauce.

Go to:  Chicken Saltimbocca Recipe

Chicken Saltimbocca Recipe and Wine Pairing


Chicken Tikka
indian-style grilled, marinated skewers

Chicken Tikka is a typical Indian dish made with skewers of meat marinated in yogurt and spices - keeping it both flavorful and tender.

Go to:  Chicken Tikka Recipe

Chicken Tikka Recipe


Coq au Vin
tender chicken braised in red wine

In this traditional French dish, chicken legs and thighs are slowly braised in a flavorful liquid of red wine with onions and bacon.

Go to:   Coq au Vin Recipe

Coq au Vin Recipe


Italian Wedding Soup
with chicken meatballs & escarole

Italian Wedding Soup is a comforting, cozy dish. We use ground chicken for the meatballs, yielding a lighter, healthier style.

Go to:   Italian Wedding Soup Recipe

Italian Wedding Soup Recipe


Roasted Chicken
with savory root vegetables

Say goodbye to dry chicken with this simple, flavorful recipe for making juicy roasted chicken, served with root vegetables.

Go to:  Roasted Chicken Recipe

Roasted Chicken Recipe


Stuffed Chicken Breast
with feta, olives & roasted red pepper

The Mediterranean stuffing, with briny Kalamata olives, tangy feta and roasted red peppers, boasts tremendous flavor and a creamy texture.

Go to:  Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe and Wine Pairing



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