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Lobster Roll Hall of Fame

Where to Get the Best Lobster Salad Sandwiches

Lobster Roll Hall of Fame

If you don't live in the Northeast, you may never have had the pleasure of eating a Lobster Roll sandwich. We understand that in other parts of the country, lobsters are reserved for only 'rarified' dining - fancy restaurants, $50 plates, you get the picture. And this is truly a shame because while lobster is certainly delicious in a gourmet setting it is equally delectable in a more everyday application - the sandwich.

First things first, let's take a quick review of all the various lobster sandwich varieties:

*Lobster Roll

In Maine, a Lobster Roll is pure, unadulterated chunks of lobster meat served on bread and accompanied with drawn butter. Anywhere else in New England, a Lobster Roll is what Mainers call a Lobster Salad Roll (see below).

*Lobster Salad Roll

Lobster Salad is a mixture of lobster meat with mayonnaise and chopped fresh celery (think Chicken Salad - but WAY better). Also served on bread; lettuce and tomato can also be added.

*Lobster Club

More common outside of New England, the lobster club is lobster salad served in a club style sandwich with a triple layer of toasted sliced bread.

Lobster Roll Hall of Fame:
Top Lobster Sandwich Restaurants

#1 - Capt.'s Waterfront Grille - Salem, MA

This restaurant has solved the classic Lobster Roll messiness of the overstuffed bun. They split fresh meat from one whole lobster across two buns - and include a dollop of mayonnaise so you can mix the salad to your own preference.

#2 -  Red's - Wiscasset, ME

Generous portion of lobster meat in the Maine style (just fresh picked lobster with butter on the side). Simple, pure, delicious.

#3 - Captain Frosty's - Dennis, MA

A classic of Cape Cod, you have to get this with chowder and a side of their amazing onion rings. There is a fair amount of mayo dressing but rather than overpowering the lobster it really brings out the flavor.

Bon appetit!

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