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Beaujolais Nouveau 2011

Tasting Review & Pairing Tips

All about Beaujolais: from Beaujolais Nouveau to Beaujolais Villages and Cru Beaujolais

The 2011 vintage of Beaujolais Nouveau has just been released yesterday Thursday, November 17th. The first wine of the 2011 vintage - from anywhere in the world - to be released to the market, the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau is always a big event in the wine world. A celebration and prelude of what's to come from the year's recent harvest, this wine also comes out in the U.S. market just in time to enjoy during the Thanksgiving holiday.

One of the exciting things about Beaujolais Nouveau is that it's seen to offer a 'preview' of the quality of the vintage overall. That being said, it can be quite difficult to ascertain much on quality from a wine that's so immature. In addition, the weather throughout France isn't the same - so what's a great year in Beaujolais may not be for Bordeaux and vice versa. But if viewed as purely a starting point rather than a declaration of a whole vintage - why not engage in this popular vintage guessing game sport?

Much has been said already about the just finished 2011 Wine Harvest in France (even in fact by us!). A year of semi-erratic weather and a very early harvest of small size, there have been many hints at this being a great year for French wines. We didn't find anything in our tasting of the new Nouveau pointing at greatness but the wines were decent - and we were glad to discover producer Jean-Paul Brun, whose Beaujolais Nouveau is one we'll seek out again next year.

Beaujolais Nouveau Wine & Food Pairing

- Delicious paired with Fall dishes such as ham and roast turkey, or chicken
- Easy Food and Wine pairings with Beaujolais Nouveau:
     Turkey Dirty Rice
     Turkey Empanadas with Cranberry-Pineapple Salsa

2011 Beaujolais Nouveau Tasting Reviews

2011 Georges DuBoeuf Beaujolais Nouveau
Aroma is almost tacky sweet and tart, like apple hard candy. Brightly fruity in the mouth but a little thin. Balanced though quick finish. ($10)

2011 Jean-Paul Brun Domaine des Terres DorĂ©es
Beaujolais Nouveau "L'Ancien"

Totally different from the DuBoeuf, with an earthy, rustic nose and more heft. Darker fruit on the palate with nice finish. ($14)

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