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About Us 

Easy Food and Wine is written by a husband and wife teaming up to create delicious yet simple gourmet food and wine pairings. Mike is the gourmet chef of the family and designs all of the recipes. Amy is the wine expert of the family and writes the wine blog and chooses the wine suggestions for each recipe.

Our Approach
Our philosophy is that creating food and wine pairing should be fun and simple. You do not need to be a Cordon-Bleu trained chef or a Master of Wine to enjoy or prepare the pairings on Easy Food and Wine! Each of the featured recipes contains detailed step-by-step instructions that people at all levels of cooking knowledge can follow and do at home. The ingredients used can be found at any major supermarket - you won't find any quail eggs or rare caviar you'll have to buy on a specialty site. When it comes to wine, we think that great food and wine pairings can be made for any dish no matter what your budget or access to hard-to-find wines. For each recipe, we recommend a "Steal" wine that is available nationally and reasonably priced ($15 or less) and a "Splurge" wine that is either more expensive or perhaps just more limited in distribution that you may need to take more time 'hunting down'.

Our Story
Mike and Amy met in 1999 in Paris. Or rather, Logan Airport. Part of the same study abroad program in France, the couple met and within only a matter of weeks had fallen in love and spent an amazing year traveling Europe and enjoying local cuisine and wines. After college, the couple moved to California, where Amy worked for five years in the wine industry at a prestigious, small family estate in Napa Valley. Mike continued honing his cooking skills in his spare time, taking cues from the many fabulous restaurants in the Bay Area and in the Wine Country. Now back on the East Coast, they founded Easy Food and Wine in 2008 to share their passion for food and wine pairing with other people around the country.

Our Photo Gallery

 Sole Meuniere in Paris

 Rose Wine in Aix-en-Provence

 First Thanksgiving Dinner

The world's best Sole Meuniere at a bistro in Paris 

Enjoying a local Rose
in Aix-en-Provence

 Our first apartment and our first Thanksgiving

Choucroute Garni in Alsace

Cooking New England Lobster 


An amazing and overwhelming choucroute garni in Alsace

Who says you shouldn't play with your food?


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