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With May sunshine comes the grill! Take your burgers to a new level, stuffed with bleu cheese and topped with tomato relish.

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About Easy Food and Wine 

At Easy Food and Wine, we believe that food and wine pairing should be fun and simple. We know that a lot of people think to really know how to pair food with wine, you have to be an 'expert': making complicated recipes and drinking only expensive wines. Our goal is to show you that anyone and everyone can enjoy food and wine pairing - whether you are just learning about food and wine or you are the most seasoned enthusiast - and to show you how!

Our Food and Wine Pairing Philosophy

There is no doubt that great food and great wine are delicious on their own. But when you come up with the right food and wine pairing, each enhances the other and tastes even better. The easy gourmet recipes on Easy Food and Wine are designed to be wine-friendly, utilizing fresh and flavorful ingredients, and each has been paired with your pick of two wines that we've tried and tested (tough work, I know) for that dish. Just as importantly, our recipes have been designed to be easy to prepare, and for each dish we recommend at least one wine that is both easy to find and easy on the wallet.
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Our Food and Wine Pairing Approach

So how do we make food and wine pairing 'easy'? First, we start with elegant yet surprisingly simple recipes. Nothing on our site takes more than 30 minutes of prep time, and nothing requires rare ingredients from a specialty store. Secondly, we pair each recipe with two wines. The first is a "Steal" wine you can find almost anywhere around the country and priced under $15 a bottle. The second is a "Splurge" wine that may be pricier or difficult to find without a hunt - but that will be very rewarding if you choose to make the investment.

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The Easy Food and Wine Story

Amy and Mike Kass are the creators of Easy Food and Wine. We are a husband and wife team with a passion for fine wines and fun, gourmet cuisine. Mike is the family 'chef' and Amy is the family 'wine expert'. Mike designs all the recipes for Easy Food and Wine and Amy hand picks the wine pairings for each of Mike's dishes. We then work together tasting each food and wine pairing to make sure they make the grade before bringing them to you. We'd love to hear your food and wine pairing story - email us at  amyandmike@easyfoodandwine.com.

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